The piercing course runs for 5 days full time.

Course dates are available on application or contact us.

About the piercing course

In a no pressure atmosphere students are guided through the piercing training course modules in our studio/education facilities experiencing first hand what it’s actually like in a working studio.

This course has been designed for all students, no prior knowledge or experience of body piercing is required to take the course.

The students will undertake intensive training covering all aspects of cannula, dermal anchor, skin diver and genital piercings. With part theory and part practical lessons this interactive and innovative course guarantees all aspects of piercing are covered thoroughly. The Body Art Academy offers you a lifetime of support with fully qualified tutors always on standby to help with any advice.

Students will be given a step by step referral manual by the way of handouts during the course, gradually building a detailed account of procedures. Students will be subject to The Body Art Academy’s high standards. They will need to gain satisfactory theory and practical knowledge to obtain a professional diploma on completion.

Here at The Body Art Academy we don’t believe in breaking courses down to spread out qualifications just to gain more profit. We offer an all inclusive course covering all cannula, dermal anchor, skin diver and genital piercings combined. This is a far less complicated and cost effective process giving the student an affordable way of becoming a full diploma qualified piercer.

The genital piercing section of the course is optional to students. Those who wish to refrain from studying this module will be entitled to a discount by the sum of £295.

The Body Art Academy is ambitiously interactive working closely with the student tailoring their educational needs on an individual basis. Our diploma course is subject to a stringent grading system set by the high standards of The Body Art Academy and requires maximum efforts to reach the percentages needed for a pass. We have an excellent success rate but passing the course first time around isn’t always possible, however our commitment to the student is guaranteed. The Body Art Academy will work with you on a one to one basis expanding on troubled areas ensuring a better chance of success. Any further tuition needed or a re-sit of exam papers are at no extra cost to the student and subject to the expense of The Body Art Academy.

Our pledge to all our trainees

We take great care tailoring a student’s educational needs as an individual and guarantee ongoing support.

The Body Art Academy provides excellent customer service and after support for their students with an ongoing commitment for as long as needed. After qualifying, students have the option to contact their tutors for a lifetime of advice or reassurance of procedures.

This process gives both The Body Art Academy and the piercer an opportunity to forge a sustained work ethic and high level of standard.

Piercing course curriculum

The course curriculum includes:


  • A rundown of curriculum
  • How a piercing works

Breakdown on all piercing methods

  • Breakdown on all piercing methods

Health, Hygiene and Sterilisation

  • Studio hygiene and sterilization procedures
  • Cleaning and sterilization of equipment
  • Regulated procedures and requirements of environmental health
  • Clinical waste disposal procedures
  • Prevention of cross contamination
  • Infection hazards
  • Blood borne pathogens


  • Breakdown on all jewellery used for all piercings


  • Breakdown on all anaesthetics used and for which piercing

Piercing techniques

  • Artists and Clients body positions
  • Body marking
  • Breakdown on all needle types used and for which piercing
  • Breakdown on all clamps used and for which piercing

Step by step guide

  • Breakdown on all piercings and equipment needed
  • - Breakdown includes skin divers and dermal anchors
  • - Breakdown includes below the waist piercings (optional section)

Piercing workstation setup

  • Piercing workstation setup


  • Aftercare procedures
  • Information on aftercare products and suppliers
  • Keloids/migration
  • Healing times

Shop floor knowledge

  • Customer relations

Supply routes for piercing equipment

  • Information on leading suppliers
  • Breakdown on best products for all purposes
  • Product list


  • Information on leading suppliers

Studio equipment, supply and set up

  • Information on studio furniture
  • Information on salon equipment
  • Breakdown on best products for which purpose and information on leading suppliers

Shop set up

  • Small business start ups
  • Location of premises
  • Advertising
  • Advice on legalities

Price, payment and applying for a piercing course

You can apply by downloading the PDF file or Word file, fill in the ‘interest of application’ form and return by post or email, we will contact you to discuss booking as soon as possible.

Otherwise call one of our team to book your tuition straight away. All course fees can be paid on all major credit and debit cards by calling The Body Art Academy on 01332 200 211. We will then fill in the application form, which will be processed and confirmation of the booking and start date will be sent to you along with your receipt.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for your booking form to be processed.


To find out which dates are available call one of our team on 01332 200 211, or contact us by email:


The genital piercing section of the course is optional to students. Those who wish to refrain from studying this module will be entitled to a discount by the sum of £295.

Piercing Course

Full course curriculum
Lifetime pledge
Minimum deposit required: £250