Body Piercing Prices

  • Ear lobe From £10
  • Stretching From £10
  • Ear rim £20
  • Tragus £20
  • Lip £20
  • Madonna £20
  • Medusa £20
  • Nose £20
  • Eyebrow £20
  • Horizontal eyebrow £20
  • Nipple £20
  • Navel £25
  • Tongue £25
  • Tongue web £25
  • Smiley/frowny £25
  • Vertical lip £25
  • Cheek £25
  • Transverse lobe £25
  • Anti tragus £25
  • Conche £25
  • Rook £25
  • Snug £25
  • Helix £25
  • Daith £25
  • Surface From £25
  • Scaffold £30
  • Septum £30
  • Earl bridge £30
  • Skin divers £30
  • Dermals £40

Body Piercing Aftercare

Aftercare plays an important part in the healing process of your piercing, how you look after your piercing is critical in ensuring it heals well. After your piercing you will be advised on how to take care of it and what type of aftercare to use. We genuinely care about our clients, and therefore follow up all appointments with continued advice should the client need it.

The healing times given for body piercings are used as a guideline, no two people will heal at the same rate. Factors such as how fast an individual’s own body heals, lifestyle, and how the piercing is taken care of will all affect the rate at which it will heal.

Once a piercing is fully healed the jewellery can be changed; this can be a tricky process. Any individual who has a piercing with us can come back at any time and we will change their jewellery for them.

Body Piercing Legislation

Listed below are the age restrictions that apply to The Body Art Academy.

A form of photo ID may be needed for proof of age before a piercing can be performed.

Nipple piercings – 18yrs+
All other piercings – 16yrs+

Please note we do not accept student ID or parental consent as forms of ID.