Who are we?

The Body Art Academy is one of Europe’s leading piercing training course providers. A highly recognised and renowned innovative company with dedicated tutors delivering some of the highest levels of education and training available ensuring a high success rate for newly qualified piercers.

The Body Art Academy was created by artists with a passion for the industry and a vested interest to ensure the highest standards of piercing can be maintained.

The Body Art Academy boasts the next generation of courses. Designed to be one of the most in-depth and innovative training systems providing the student with excellent step by step guidance and personal tuition, creating one of the most advanced learning experiences the body piercing industry has ever seen.

Our courses have been developed for the beginner or novice. A friendly, professional approach to what normally is an in-house situation. The Body Art Academy guarantees all aspects of piercing are covered thoroughly.

Our Pledge to all our Trainees

We take great care tailoring a student’s educational needs as an individual and guarantee ongoing support.

The Body Art Academy provides excellent customer service and after support for their students with an ongoing commitment for as long as needed. After qualifying, students have the option to contact their tutors for a lifetime of advice or reassurance of procedures.

This process gives both The Body Art Academy and the piercer an opportunity to forge a sustained work ethic and high level of standard.